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Instructions for washing your car with an Autoshield clear bra kit is essentially the same as without the kit, except that you do not want to use heavy abraisives or rubbing compound on the film. You can damage it and the clarity or the film. Use mild soap and dry as usual. Wax is ok too, just note that you can get a wax line at the edge of the kit so may need to carefully remove was in those areas.

No, the paint protection film is designed with UV properties that do not cause UV discolorization. It will preserve the original paint color. However, if the uncovered parts of the car get treated with other chemicals and or long-term wear and tear - it may look slightly different. Keeping your car clean maintained helps with longevity!

Yes - it is removable! Not that easy to do - but with some good ole fashioned elbow greece, you can remove the film years later. We can assist with that if you like.

Most cars require about 4 hours to install a full paint protection kit. Sicne there are a lot of variations on kit components, and vehicle sizes - it may be as little as 3 hours or all day in the case of a FULL coverage kit (covering the entire front end and quarter panels)

If you catch a small crack or "star" impact early enough it is possible to repair. The benchmark for how long a crack can be is generally in the 1.5" range or less.

Chip repairs are easily done with in typically 30 minutes. And if you like, we can even come to your location.

It is possible to repair your windshield if a clean crack is approxinmately less than 1.5" in length. If longer or splintered - it most likely needs to be replaced. We would be happy to evaluate it for you.

Typically windshield replacements take around 2 hours depending on make and model. Some of the more complicated vehicles can be closer to 3 hours. Also, we are happy to come to your location for your convenience if you prefer.

Very effective if applied for your best need. We can help assist you in determining the level of tint darkness depending on your driving conditions and location.

Autoshield's quality window films offer up to 99.9% UV protection, 61% heat rejection, and 85% less glare. WE OFFER UV-85, CALIFORNIA’S LEGAL FRONT WINDOW TINT application. It cuts out 99.9% UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation and is the only film recommended by the skin cancer foundation

Most typical vehicle tint installs take around 2 hours. This can vary longer depending on your vehicle make and model. We are happy to quote you prior to coming in!

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  • Since I make frequent trips to the mountains for skiing I am in the snow and icy conditions with my car. I feel confident that it is protecting my paint. Cindy - Gold River, CA      Lexus RX350
  • Dave has installed Autoshield kits on several of my cars. I travel allot for work in rural areas with lots of gravel, etc. It has definately saved my paint! Brian - Folsom, CA      Mercedez GL450
  • What a great product & service! I was so thankful I found Autoshield and had a clear bar installed on my Jeep. Saved my paint in the first month! Chris - Folsom, CA      Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Dave has done eight cars for me over the years. His work is exceptional and I will continue to have Autoshield kits installed on future cars! Tim - Rocklin, CA      Corvette Z06
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